Fast Forward - Kunstlerhaus Vienna,1999



>> Fashion in the Media of the Nineties


Burro took part in this exhibition in 1999, twenty designers were included: Martin Margiela, Hussein Chalayan, Viktor and Rolf, Comme des Garcons, Kosta Mukudis and Yohji Yamamoto amongst others. The curator's intention was to "demonstrate how by the end of the nineties, due to a strengthened alliance with the media, fashion began to extend beyond it's original field of activity and toexert it's influence our entire visual culture".

Exhibitors were chosen due to their "radicalism, their conceptual strategy, their critical analysis of new trends, and for their use of the possibilities offered by photography, film, TV, internet and music".


For this exhibition we created an installation which brought together some of the diverse elements which have influenced us as designers of clothes. The work comprised paintings, photographs, films, slide projections, a specially made soundtrack and a sculpture. The artwork was the result of a collaboration between Burro and artist Donald Smith.