Catch the Beat

Catch The Beat, The Best Of Soul Underground 1987-91 by David Lubich.


Published by DJhistory.com






Way back in the late 80's while living in the depths of South East London, Burro's Olaf Parker was asked to contribute to the dance music "fanzine" Soul Underground. "Essentially it was a great opportunity to get free records and meet some of my heroes".  The magazine also featured the early writings and photos of music industry luminaries: Brian Belle-Fortune, Davis Corio, Patrick Forge, Jasper, Jazzy M, Dr Bob Jones, Judge Jules, Ian McCann and Jay Strongman to name but a few.

Fast forward to 2010 and the best of Soul Underground (including some of Olaf's ramblings) have been published by the lovely people at DJhistory.com.The book is complied by Soul Underground's original editor David Lubich.